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A new perspective on the world

Samskriti-Sahajeevanam Heritage musium-Palamruthillam is a traditional Bungalow of the Brahmans built according to the rich architectural style of Kerala, situated in the sylvan surroundings of natural beauty

The conventional residence of 4900 sq.feet two storey structure is an amazing beauty of wooden carvings.

One of the most eye opening experiences of your life

Every nook and corner of this Illam is blessed with the minute carvings of different features. Almost 40 wooden frames and doors are showing the unique richness of this Illam.

The Illam which is around 150 years old witnesses the legend, myth, marvel, mystery and mastery of the generations of the great times gone by.


Though the door frames are rather small in size, a person who has the wisdom of history bows his head before this marvel.

So this is the aesthetic call to each one of us to respond and call to respect it.

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