Our activities under Sahajeevanam project

Sahajeevanam Spirituality project

A. Guided Ignatian retreat for eight days
B. Guided yoga retreat for ten days
C. Guided Laudato Si retreat for six days
D. Guided cultural insertion retreat for 20 days
E. Guided cultural exposure retreat for 10 days
F. Guided First Spiritual Exercises for 30 days
G. Sahajeevanam audio visual retreat for six days

Sahajeevanam for caring the younger generation A. Tarumitra program connecting 23 schools It is an ongoing program for a group in the schools form the young generation in 1.Ecological awareness 2. Sociological awareness 3. Value oriented life It is an active network between schools. We visit each group once a week and form them to be future leaders. It is currently functioning in connection with Sahajeevanam and we organise camps, seminars, workshops and insertion programs collaborating with other organisations. B. Sahajeevanam Kalari This is a parallel education initiative to promote healthy relationships with self-other and nature. This is an attempt to revive the richness of body-mind relationship in traditional way for the younger generations. This is a three year certificate program. C. Sahajeevanam yoga It is an opportunity to promote spiritual awareness through body awareness and Ignatian spiritual Exercises for all age groups. We have Ten days basic course One month advanced course and Three years teachers training with a membership in yoga club. D. Sahajeevanam Dalit/ Thiyya empowerment project Sahajeevanam takes care of the educational as well as the social needs of the marginalised Dalit and Thiyya communities. E. Sahajeevanam Girl child empowerment project Under this project we take care of financially marginalised girls to give them convenient atmosphere for education and self empowerment. F. Sahajeevanam Special School support project It is a collaborative effort to meet the requirements of differently talented by different programs as per the need of the time. G. Sahajeevanam old age care programs This is another collaborative approach to cater the needs of the senior citizens in different centres including their houses. H. Sahajeevanam orphan care project This also a collaborative effort to cater the needs of the differently marginalised. I. Sahajeevanam Public recreation project This is a project to build up a value based relationship among the society irrespective of caste, creed, politics and religion through celebrations and different events. J. Sahajeevanam form our youth program. We have started different activities under this project like counselling, games, picnics, swimming, farming etc.
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