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This Pandemic is call for all of us to reorient our life style in a more Nature- Society and Health centered way. So we organise for you. 1.Sahajeevanam life reorientation programme.

This is an innovative attempt based on mobile deaddiction for youngsters of 10 to 16 age groups. It is a group therapeutic initiative of small group of 4 to 6 members.
It is an ecological immersion initiative keeping the health norms.

This approach is based on
Person oriented
Activity oriented
Lifestyle oriented Small group of 4 to 6 participants
Separate accommodation for boys and girls
Pranayama, yoga, concentration exercises, kalari, swimming, cricket, volleyball coaching etc are part of it.
T.A and counselling are also included in special cases
. Entry through advance booking
Weekend program lasts for five consecutive weekends beginning on Friday evening 4 to sunday evening 5.
Week day program including the provision for attending online classes lasts for two weeks beginning from Monday morning 8 to Friday evening 4.
Total cost Rs. 6000 including food and accommodation. For details www.sahajeevanam.in

2.Sahajeevanam Family yoga This is a program designed for the members of same family of maximum five members.
Course fee Rs 5000 for non residential and Rs.10000 for residential programme including food and accommodation.

This includes a maximum of 15 sessions including
Hata yoga for general health and fitness.
Pranayamas for mind and body.
Hasya yoga for relaxatin and well-being
Cave meditation for finding self and to improve your concentration.

3.Life skill development For UP ,HS students for ten days.(4 to10 members)
This includes
Leadership training
Ecological awareness
Social awareness
Study skills
Speech practice
Health awareness
Life style awareness
Integrated program is an integral formaton that includes value orientation, games like Cricket and volleyball swimming training as per request.
Yoga and meditation
All these programs are entitled with a certificate by Tarumitra Center.
Ongoing accompaniment is assured.
Reinforcement program is also offered in different centres by experts.
NB. All these programs are designed keeping covid 19 protocol in mind.
Adv.Fr.Rajesh Punchathalackal SJ
Coordinator Sahajeevanam

04602220416, 9497197847
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